Agricultural Export Performance Continues to Increase – To achieve Indonesia’s goal of becoming a world food barn in 2045, the government continues to work to boost the volume and value of exports of agricultural products. The good news is that the volume and value of exports of Indonesian agricultural products have increased in the last two years.

Referring to the Fixed Figures (ATAP) released by the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) released by the Ministry of Agriculture, it was stated that in the last two years, exports of agricultural products which include food crops, plantations, plantations and horticulture have increased. In 2016, the export volume of agricultural products was only 35.49 million tons with a value of USD 26.73 billion. While in 2017 it rose to 41.26 million tons, it was quite fantastic at USD 33.05 billion. That is, the volume and value of exports in 2017 rose 16.25 percent and 23.66 percent, respectively. As a result, the volume and value of the trade balance of the agricultural sector for 2016-2017 were surpluses of 97.06 percent and 45.85 percent, respectively.

Several food commodities that have contributed greatly to increasing Indonesia’s trade balance are rice, shallots and corn. Apart from that, the agricultural commodities that increased significantly were pineapples, snakefruit, then chicken meat, poultry eggs, coconut, palm oil, coffee, cocoa, rubber, nutmeg and tea. In 2017, the export volume was 4,323 tons of rice, 7,751 tons of shallots and 47,000 tons of corn, 210,026 tons of pineapple, 966 tons of snake fruit, 312 tons of chicken meat, 386 tons of poultry eggs, 1.88 million tons of coconut, 33.52 million oil palm. tons, coffee 467,799 tons, cocoa 354,880 tons, rubber 2.99 million tons, nutmeg 19,943 tons, and tea 54,195 tons.

While in 2016 rice exports were only 2,538 tons, shallots 736 tons, and corn only 41,875 tons. Then exports of pineapple were only 138,400 tons, 938 tons of snake fruit, 16 tons of chicken meat, 303 tons of poultry eggs, 1.56 million tons of coconut, 28.49 million tons of palm oil, 414,651 tons of coffee, 330,029 tons of cocoa, 2.57 million tons of rubber. , nutmeg 15,842 tons, and 51,319 tons.

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