RI’s Agricultural Exports Increase 4.1% During January-November 2021

Data from the Ministry of Trade (Ministry of Trade) show that the value of non-oil and gas exports from Indonesia’s agricultural sector reached US$3.83 billion for the January-November 2021 period. This value increased 4.1% compared to the same period the previous year which was recorded at US$3.68 billion.

The export value of the agricultural sector from January to November 2021 accounts for 1.97% of Indonesia’s total non-oil and gas exports. In that period, Indonesia’s total non-oil and gas exports were recorded at US$197.98 billion.

Some of Indonesia’s export commodities come from the agricultural sector, including coffee, tea and spices. This commodity recorded the highest export value during January-November 2021, reaching US$ 1.33 billion or 0.7% of total non-oil and gas exports.

Seeing the trend of Indonesia’s agricultural exports since 2016, supply tends to fluctuate. The highest export value occurred in 2020, namely US$ 4.1 billion with growth reaching 14.02%. As we know, 2020 was the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia. However, these conditions did not have a negative impact on the export of the agricultural sector and even increased.

The Ministry of Trade noted that the momentum to increase exports could become a basis for encouraging the agricultural sector to be able to realize food self-sufficiency as well as become a supplier of global food products. This sector also has an important role in national economic growth. Going forward, it is hoped that the agricultural sector will be able to become a mainstay of the economy, not just temporarily during a pandemic.

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